Monday, November 17, 2008

Fall in a Flash

I wish I knew how to do those cute collage pictures but, alas I do not, so......sorry about all the pics!
Our friend Tommy Staker got married in Colorado and so my dad and I, and his friend Liz flew over. It was a fun weekend get away. It was so much fun visiting the Stakers. I FORGOT my camera. I was so mad. Note to self....... Do not go anywhere with dad and girlfriend alone again. It is not safe for anyone. It is not okay to watch your dad kiss anyone!! Gross!Look at the name of this gas station. "Loaf and Jug" What does that mean???

We went to a pumpkin patch with the kids. They loved the animals and blow up toys. It was fun to let them pick out their own pumpkins.

Cornbelly's is always a hit. Bec and I took the little kids in the morning and Grandpa Von and Grandma Becky took the big kids that night.

Two BEST friends with their two famous smiles. Lauren with the shoulder shrug and again the piggy smile!
We had a family Halloween party at my dad's house. Josh is the expert pumpkin carver and wins first prize every year. Claire carved an Obama pumpkin inside a dominant Republican home and about got thrown out. ( You are lucky I love you!) We were potty training Aniston so she was naked the whole night. Lauren was scared of Liz and my dad's costume and was sad most of the night. But all in all it was a success and we had a great time.

The big kids decorated a haunted house, but mostly just ate the candy:)


The Kuresa's said...

I love the pictures! Looks like so much fun! I'm excited to see you guys in St. George!

welovebees said...

Yeah! Ani and Lauren kill me - I am lucky you love me! I had fun yesterday. See ya soon.

Tara said...

looks like fun! i love your dad's costume, what a scary vampire:) good job for ani to be potty training, cala was pretty much potty trained but now refuses to do it. i think the naked step is next!

Raquel said...

Cute pictures! Your so funny, I love reading your blog. I'm so excited for St. George. I am up for tennis, even with my big belly!

Natalie said...

Sounds like you had a fun little getaway with your dad. I remember the Stakers. Hope they are all well.

Looks like you had quite the time carving pumpkins. Your family is always doing so many memorable things together. So fun.